Ocarina Operina


A farmer boy's life changes forever when he finds the Golden Ocarina Of Destiny, a magical instrument that seduces anyone who listens to it that can be lured by wealth or possessions, to fall under its spell.

Will he woo the princess and acquire a royal life? Will his plans be foiled by the princess's current suitor, the Sultan of the town of Schwing? What is the true origin of the Ocarina? Is it a magical musical instrument or a cursed object that leaves sorrow in its path?

Follow a number of colourful characters through a magical rollercoaster ride of love, tragedy, betrayal, deception and... Ocarina!


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Royal Decree (Solo)

Dave's Theme (Ocarina Solo)

Legend Of The Golden Ocarina (Solo)

Never Gonna Give Her Up (Solo)

What I Can Do (Trio)

Fool's Gold (Solo)

Lovers' Desires (Duet)

Spanning Sorrows (Solo)

Decision's Edge (Solo)

Sultan's Theme (Ocarina Solo)

Absolutely Anything (Duet/Trio)

Anne's Theme (Ocarina Solo)

Magic In Every Moment (Duet)

More (Duet)